Monday, February 13, 2012

Chen Yiru Calvin Happy Love Day


"Saw on the road everyone had roses, together with their other half(valentine), have you found your half? Once you come across happiness don't ever let go and cherish it, wishing you, Happy Valentine's Day"
From:Calvin Chen 辰亦儒

I was going around weibo and this was the first Fahrenheit Blessing for Valentines Day I saw...Calvin I don't know about your other sweethearts/sunshines/cupcakes okay I admit Calvin has too many nicknames for different fan groups...but I'm trying to say I wish he will meet his "her" one day soon...though some of us will be disappointed but we will also understand that this is a very happy thing for him...and had been his wish for two years now!!! Calvin Good Luck we are sure u can find her! Calvin, Hebe's still single just push JJ Lin a little jk everyone no one take this seriously I just enjoy watch Hebe n Calvin's fans!

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