Monday, July 4, 2011


I really hate this feeling! Sometimes when I think for some reason i feel like I'm suffocating...due to the vain where you can find your heart beat...I kind of think that its what I am thinking about...but then sometimes when I dont think about ends up doing that i'm not really sure...on the other hand...I havent been feeling good lately cause many things are going through my head...called Mei mei yesterday and for some reason just burst....Mei Mei! Once you come home...lend me your shoulder! There's many things that i cant stand anymore! If I wasnt here then both my Mei Mei wouldnt have to suffer! I'm always the one who causes them to have so much bad luck! Shi ing wei wo bu hao! what kind of friend am i? wo bu shi hen hao! Everything happens for a reason...just hoping that everything goes out well and that, that "ren!" na wo bu xi huan gets it twice as hard cause you know, what goes around comes around! I really wanna break free from not being able to make my own decisions of who i wanna be with and who i dont! I know what's right from wrong! unlikely mo ren! well i'm also wishing my mei mei's the best! i guess its like what i friends experiences the most hard times together! wo men you jia you!
fahrenheit! JIA YOU!
<3 <3 <3 <3
~Xiao Lin~

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  1. Jie Jie Xiao Lin Jia You I may not be by your side but I hope that when I am you will be able to let it out on my shoulder I want to be there for you but while I'm not be strong the world is a beautiful place but it can also be ugly we must face both be strong I will always love you try your best not to think okay.