Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HIM dont forget what Fahrenheit has done for Taiwan and Brought to You

As a fan this may seem a bit over the top and the company HIM may be doing its best but I believe it can do better, I dont want anyone to forget Fahrenheit is Taiwan's most outstanding Boybands! Why?...b/c not only did they introduce Japan and Korea to Taiwan as Ambassadors they showed a lot of us that different personalities can become something amazing~! I want HIM to know that they are to keep supporting Fahrenheit as much as possible! HIM if you dont see this Here I'll lay it out on the table...HIM was slowly getting recongnition by S.H.E and Power Station it was Fahrenheit this super boyband that showed the charts not only did Golden Typhoon, Sony Music, and Warner Music own the charts but HIM could also be on the charts....why? because Fahrenheits talents and hard work brought them HIM please give these MEN I quote "MEN" some justice quote again"JUSTICE" they deserve it....

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