Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chun and Aaron body figure is so similar...

With Wu Chun and Aaron Yan's age difference it would've been hard to realize it but the figure of both of these heart-throbs are equal!!! Both could be well built men! Aaron now at the age where his figure is shifting into a man started to work out more and in Love Buffet everything he wore looked amazing but it kept reminding me of Wu Chun for some reason...I finally watch the awaiting Sunshine Angel and in the first EP I saw Chun wearing a calm cream colored sweater when he fell in on Rainie showering it instantly reminded me of Ah Yi's figure his red sweater he wore when he and xiao feng were gonna kiss...anyone who looks closely will see if Aaron was to really work out Chun's body every is envious of in Taiwan could just belong to him...of course he has already cleared he doesnt want that body..hehe
~xiao mei~

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