Sunday, July 17, 2011

AhYi&XiaoFeng-Reen's choice:阿一&小風愛情...

The much welcomed Drama Love Buffet has every fan group in a puzzle who do love more ahyi&xiaofeng the love that was always hidden and full of misunderstandings or daye&xiaofeng the love that didnt go well the first time and was given a second chance for mistakes....Well why dont we hear exactly what our main actress has to say about which character AhYi or DaYe would she of been more attracted to and/or became her final choice....and the answer is
AARON YAN's character AhYi....Reen confessed she preferred the mysterious and shy guy that would always be there , and as for Calvin's character Da Ye a happy and outgoing character would become a best friend faster than a those AhYi fans that were so sad with the Da Ye and Xiao Feng outcome dont be ...become AhYi and Xiao Feng won in Main Female Lead Actress Reen Yu Hong Yuan's Eyes....^^

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