Thursday, April 21, 2011


You zheme duo ren zai wo shenbian de zhege shijie, dan weisheme zhege shijie dui wo gandao ruci  kongxu xianzai
 [There's so many peaple around me in this world, but why does it feel so empty to me right now]

Theses past few days have been rough, I dont know why, life seams to be getting harder and harder, but no one also said that life was perfect. There's up sides and down sides, but to me, I can only look forward and move on.
If I fail, I have to find the strength to move forward, If i fall down, I have to find the strength to get up
I can cry alone, but theres only me
I can cry on friends shoulders, but there's only me, who knows the exact feeling i am feeling,
I can do many things, but in the end, my world feels empty
I can smile all i want
but my smile will soon fade
BUT I am moving forward, I'll find the strength to move forward, even if i dont have it, dont look down upon me, cause you never know what you are able to do, till you put your mind to it
look out world! I may not be the best, I'm only me
FRH u guys have to JIA YOU TO!!!!!!
JIRO-If u take on that script that part in absolute boyfriend, then jia you! Ill support you!!
Arrron-Keep working hard! I know u can do it, because you already done lots even if it was hard 4 you, you still did it, and u have many fans supporting you like me! and Sarah
Calvin-I heard that you are coming out with a photo-book!!! I cant wait!! YOU also have to JIA YOU and get enough rest to okay!!
CHUN-:D keep up with ur fitness business! I believe you can anything, as long as you put forth the effort!

I love you guys all so dearly! Keep working hard, get enough rest, and remember to eat to! haha lolz, :)
Here in the US, im here supporting you guys with XiaoMei!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3

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