Wednesday, April 6, 2011


ehhhh, sometimes i feel like i cant tell my best friend about things, that i want to share to her, and or tell her about it, like 4 example relationships, i want to tell her things, but she doesn't really listen to them i feel, im sure she does! but it just seams like not...i know u been hurt-ed b4, but i still need a BFF to look forward to tell things to..*sigh* ohh well, i guess im on my own, its alright, to everyone whos been around me, it seems to you guys that i always have some1 there 4 me, that may be true, but only certain things they will be there 4 u, the rest u have to endure ur-self. BFF's are great, i know i already met my best friend, and along with many other GREAT friends, but being looked down on isnt that fun, i know im just a typical girl somewhere in this world, but i do know things to u know, alright, sry, i just had to get it out there, :)....
dont rush me, things take time
but dont be afraid to tell me things to, even if its not good news, if i fall, then i fall, but i know how to get back up 

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