Sunday, April 3, 2011

u know what,..

im tired of being taken for granted
always sticking around the side 4 something
but i realized many things while in this process
learned many things, but now im stepping up my game.
u just wait and see
i know 4rm right and wrong, ill know the difference,
i guess maybe thats why maybe i have no sisters, i believe that i missed out on some things in life, but that wont hold me back anymore
seams to me that around my friends, anything i can do, they can do better, just a saying i came up with the other day, even though i know its not true, it seams that way.
i always try to be there 4 them, do things they want but yet it never seams enough..
maybe it'll never be enough, maybe thats why i lost a friend 4rm the beginning, but *sigh* stepping up my game, and living life like its my last, maybe not to that extreme, but now i see 4rm lost of points
Huang Hao Mei JIA YOU!!!!  

1 comment:

  1. HUANG HAO MEI! JIA YOU! anything you can do you can do better...let's put it that way...just do things in a way that you wouldnt regret doing happy and stay that way for tang xiao lin...hao bu hao