Sunday, January 2, 2011

make worth of 2011

2011 had just begun but it can be filled with lots of AWESOME memory's! My new year started out GREAT! I have a awesome feeling for this year!
ALSO i found out i could like actual message wu chun or comment on his site!! heheh i believe can also do it on the others but i cant really read Chinese! :(  but im slowly learning ^^ step by step to success! ahha lol
Fei Lun Hai GO! GO! GO! Jia You!
1 day i will accomplish my dream and meet you guys in person! that will be a day i NEVER forget as long as i live! ^^

Fei Lun Hai
you guys are like my stars
you light my way
you make me feel happy to the max
even though im far off
ill still be here supporting you every step of the way
slightly without you knowing

^^XiaoMei&HaoMei Ai FEI LUN HAI 4 ever!

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