Saturday, January 29, 2011

Xiao Mei is having a glorious time

I've been experiencing a lot and hao mei has been out of it lately too, but lately my mind has had an official FLH Boom Burst!!! how did it go! amazing =I literally went through a lot I wrote down everything i knew and then started singing a lot of their songs and then boom I was so exhausted I decided to watch LOVE BUFFET....hey dont blame me for using a flh thing to resolve another flh thing!
Actually lately while working at my restaurant I've been doing extra and school work plus test having been getting on my case a I needed to escape from it all so I decided to push everything away for a while and live like SUNSHINE!(YIRU) I love him so...especially lately he has been so cute! okay XiaoMei gonna cherish her heartache...yeah xiao mei has a chu lian heartache to get teng ni de xing teng!!! okay bye byes(;

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