Friday, January 28, 2011

message 4rm Xiao Mei

Fahrenheit's connection
A lot of people say that Fahrenheit isnt very close but I dont think so actually I think their really close...super close really though if one of them before the other is done talking can finish what they are gonna say then its considered close.And if a glance can be determined save me I dont know what else to say then its also considered as very close understanding! Eh?Hao Mei aren't we like that...yes news to spring up Hao Mei and Xiao Mei's good friend Jie Ni could just possibly have a touch with us we werent very stable before and Xiao Lin(Li Sha) You are in my pact too, I share a bond with you that is different from others I dont even talk or think and you already sense that I'm uncomfortable or unstable i understand your laid back character actually that is what I envy of you<I love how you can always stay calm but willing to stand up for your beliefs!> So as FLH connection is so close I'll continue to build my friendship with Hao Mei, Jie Ni, and Xiao LIn!

Yalun's Ooloong Tea mixed With Orange Juice...
Not many people may have caught this but of course everyone should know if your an Ah Bu fan that he admires Patty Hou well while on the show(AZIO) Arron chose his type which was a Ooloong Tea girl one that is more mature than him and independent but he did say he will like her to be cute and gentle too playful like (Yalun still wants to be her MAN!) ...anyhow though he chose was not Patty she told him "see you should've chosen this orange juice like the other 3 members!" Well Yalun's expression was well very man-like if you ask me the grunt and mumble in all (did ah bu fans hear that YES! he secret mmmhmm and yea...) yalun said:"I also said I also like this type too!" <Hint:Patty Hou!he's indicating something> he did say sometimes i like this kind too so what  do you get? orange juice with ooloong tea If we bring up to topic girls Yan Yalun has admitted to being attracted to...then we have his Xue Jie-Hebe(S.H.E), Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang and our beautiful Miss Hou Pei Cen (Patty)! What do they have in common? I believe he is attracted to their confidence! Actually I would say they're all so pretty too? Okay well Yalun wishing you the most luck with catching fishes in the sea!(idiom) oh and stay away from jokes their really cold.

Jiro loves to imitate Mike He Jun Xiang!!!!
 A lot of people around me have said that ohh mike or jiro? who's hotter now as a Flh fan and as a jiro-lover myself I said Jiro naturally now heres a question, Jiro acting as Mike is really similar problem is Who is hotter Jiro as Mike of Mike as Mike! Anyone confused? I find myself confusing people! Haha...anyway I think Mike and Jiro in a way look alike! I said it but to me Jiro is a lot hotter but Mike He is really cute too! Personally I would rather watch Jiro acting as Mike rather than Mike himself....hehee come on think about it...its hilarious!


The SHERO I idolize-XMei
My SHERO Selina Ren Jia Xuan is finally up and about! She can go home yeah!!! Even though her beautiful hair is no longer there I still think she is the most beautiful S.H.E member. I watched the conference of her and started to cry! Selina really is my Idol, I do a lot with confidence because I feel like Selina is really a strong confident girl....I feel really happy for Selina. Out of the hospital after being there for so long, a shoutout to all those S.H.E fans and Selina fans dont stop supporting then. They are SHEROs and will continue to stand side by side! Being able to depend on her family members and bandmates and knowing her fans are still here for her I hope S.H.E's 11th album and Selina's next greatest work will arise soon! Jai You Ren Jia Xuan!
<3 Selina forever!~XMei~加油

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