Friday, December 31, 2010


its 2011 and now to let go of the old and let the new come! ^^
i again want to wish everyone a happy new year alright! be safe and stay healthy!!
Fahrenheit performance is the link below!
they did AWESOME!
ahah JIA YOU! JIA YOU! FAHRENHEIT GO GO GO!!!FRH performance 4 welcoming 2011
letting go is harder done then said huh?
thats what i learned over my break, idk if i want to accept you anymore cause after what happen i cant stand to hurt you anymore, so i decided to let go and idc how much it hurts i can  it'll be a big step for me to learn from.......
jia you jia you!
i hate good byes
i said we can be good friends but you wont, so we'll see what happens

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