Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Much to ship home Jiro

He bought plenty while in Mainland China shooting "SinglesVilla" now his issue is... how will he send it all home?!

Jiro has been keeping up with his love and passion for action figures ... regardless of the size. Fans rejoiced and laughed at the understanding why Jiro asks them to not give him anymore- He seems to have enough to worry about already :) 

Jiro plays a ver who loves and cares for animals dearly in Singles Villa. His passions for animals is not just on screen though but also off screen as he really does bond with each one of them. Jiro is also known for defending homeless dogs and cats or other animals that are mistreated :) His character is also very warm just like him~!

Singles Villa, Jiro Wang best wishes~~[also with shipping everything home] hehehe...


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