Saturday, January 24, 2015

[EVENT] Create a banner for our blog!!!!

Hi FeiFans! Well, here is another one of our events! All you have to do is create a banner for us and we will be featuring it on our blog, The winner of the banner will have their piece of art set as our blog banner. 

  1. Here are some rules:
  2. Has the have our blog name which is
  3. Has to have your name on it somewhere
  4. One person can only create a limit of 2 banners
  5. The banners have to have all Four Fahrenheit Member!
  6. The size of the banner has to be set as 840x300
  7. The banner must be messaged to us and we will post them up.
  8. The way of winning is by the amount of likes the picture has. We will choose up to three people as the winner. 

We Will also be giving away prizes. The prizes will be:
  • 2 wu chun t-shirt,
  • jiro ko 2 notebook,
  • 1 sticker packet of Fahrenheit 
  • 1 picture in a frame of calvin 
  • 1 picture in a frame of Aaron 
Below are some examples from our Previous Winner.

For the pictures in a frame, we have not chose the pictures yet.

If there are any further questions. Feel free to ask.

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