Friday, January 16, 2015

Aaron Yan- Final Days in Japan

Working out, shooting scenes, selfies, and recording but all in all his long trip in Japan is almost over and the question still marks up?

What has Aaron Yan been doing in Japan for so long??? it feels like a few days but in reality it's been probably almost 2months? 11weeks+??
He doesn't disclose his locations a lot so its hard to say:D but regardless he has still been busy busy keeping that work out schedule and finding a way to stick to his diet--- though he is in Japan his favorite foods are all there so I don't think he can say he didn't cheat a little bit haha.

*Note* I did read that he was there shooting a movie but so far I don't have anything but some small news on that so I don't put my claim on that ...though I believe that is most likely because most times he is in Japan he is always shooting movies haha ***

(Above) Aaron Yan: Last days in Japan, taking a morning walk and realizing how nice it would be to have roads this clear always but it'd be scary too!

(Above) Aaron Yan: Everyone busy with working, school, and other business but its okay I am always working hard alongside everyone too! We all work together!


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