Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jiro Wang had surgery done

This videos in Cantonese but I've already read the article and the thing is I don't find this very likely and the other factor is that he's in the entertainment industry do even if he did no one can blame him! He has talent so he is where he is and what happens to stars who are as high up as Fahrenheit...they are attacked by media stories that are planted to test then down and whether this story is true or not I don't really mind because when I feel for Jiro it wasn't because his looks I really liked Jiro's character he was humorous but humble! He is scared to offend his mom and terrified to tell his mom that he bought a motorcycle that's a limited edition that cost a lot of money so u can kinda conclude he would spend billions in a surgery for his chin! They compared him to Arron whom also lost weight this past year but the thing I'd they lost weight differently Jiro excessive working out can conclude in his new body and appearance. Arron's baby day burned off this past year during promotions and you could see the sharper chin compare to pictures in 2006, and Jiro's chin has always been the sharpest in Fahrenheit if you look closely in the pictures his face features are really sharp. But either way Jiro is Jiro and his fans will love him for him so if he comes out and says he's had surgery I'd say it's more likely for his eyes because he has a small eye big eye problem he told everyone when they debuted.


  1. This morning, Jiro weiboed ' Hi, I had my double eye-lid done. I m quite satisfied. . Hope everyone will get used to it'.
    Is it April Fool's joke ?!?!?

    1. Most likely because I noticed his small eye little thing is still there. He usually has the make-up artist make it less noticeable

  2. yeah, we still admire Jiro! Mr. Perfect :))

  3. Hope he'll visit PHILIPPINES soon! :)


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