Thursday, February 10, 2011

ni hao! :)

so many things going on in my life, but i'm learning 4rm them, :)
well snow days are sometimes a bore so anywho i wanted to do this a long time ago ahah but never did so here they are now, some pics 4rm me to share :D

my most treasured book of FRH, cause i made it :) sry i took it 4rm an angle ahha and rotated the pic so it looks odd
please dont take these pics without asking, cause they are my pic that i took and it is my property...
this is the front
this is the back   

well this is my super hot album that i order a while back ahha oh how i <3 FRH and guess what, they signed it!!!! ^^ the front!!
the back!! :)
ahhaha anywho maybe ill share some more some other time
:) but thats all 4 today! hope every1 is doing well!!!!!
i cant wait till what the weekends has to bring 4 me, hopefully after the weather is nice and i get to go see my buddy xiao lin and wish her a happy birthday and give her a hug! ahah
this is by Hao Mei :)
"smile always"

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