Monday, February 28, 2011

Arron's New Album-XM

Yan Yalun's solo album is coming out ahhh i'm so happy and excited my brothers getting it for me... Oh...and I dont see my brother very often so I'm hoping on seeing him soon!!! I really miss him and the rest of my far off family!!! Arron's solo album is something I have been anticipating on since his birthday concert...not that I don't love all the members voices but if each one was to come out with an album my goal would be to buy each one and then get a signature...hahahaha...(i'm such a fan) but no one can blame me They are Just too cute not to love....especially are Charming Winter Prince Arron Yan-Ah Bu your too Kawaii (hee hee random japanese word)!!!
Arron Yan Wo Ai Ni...I Love You...Ti Amo....Sa Rang Hae....and last but not least Aishiteru!!!
hhaahaa I love you in 5 language...i can do some jap. and Korean but my chinese is best still....its in my blood...

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