Friday, March 18, 2016

Refresh Man Watch EP1 (eng sub)

Links below will link you to EP1 of Refresh Man and you can follow up on the drama yourselves :D
Sorry for the late updates but hurry and catch up we are moving onto ep3 this upcoming sunday! yay! yay!

後菜鳥的燦爛時代 第1集 REFRESH MAN Ep1 No Sub


Starring: Joanne Ceng & Aaron Yan
a childhood to office love/hate storyline follows how two individuals fate's switches places and how the student with the worst grades (Ji Wen Kai played by Yan) will come back as a CEO to the honor student (Zhong  Yu Tang played by Ceng) and how falls from becoming the next head secretary to becoming dropped off into the 3 sector of the department otherwise known as the marketing center of no return. 

Fun-loving-family-humor, SETTV created a simple love story that follows everyone's everyday problems.

"In life we have the same lifestyles, after a few years we become inhabited to accept our lifestyles even if that means that we are not enjoying it. We get up, we eat, we sleep and during work all we think about is what would be nice for lunch. Life is filled with no passion, this is why we become the lazy birds in the nest."
{settv Refresh Man rough quotation translate}

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  1. I watched episodes 1 & 2 last night and couldn't stop grinning. This is seriously the cutest drama! The little grins when they would flirt in the flashbacks, the way he obviously still feels about her now. I can't wait to watch this story progress!! :D