Friday, February 12, 2016

Jiro Wang makes a comeback to Hollywood! "SECURITY to show in 2017"

Its a year in the making but I am sure countless fans area await our beloved Jiro Wang's comeback to Hollywood. "Security" a action packed movie about a bodyguard who is protecting a woman for standing up and being a witness during an ongoing investigation/trial. 
Jiro Wang's character, has been named Johnny according to imdb but this may be factor to change when more details have been released. 
Alongside Jiro, are actors Ben Kingsley (IronMan3), Antonio Banderas (The 33), and Gabriella Wright (Everly).
Wang spent days in Bulgaria, shooting for many scenes of this movie, and it is currently still shooting. If anyone follow him on his social media then you know how much fun he had while in Bulgaria. 
His English also has been improving, as he worked with the crew,and director to understand and speak accordingly so everyone could understand. His manager made a statement: "Jiro uses a lot of body movement when he speaks and everyone likes to talk with him." 

I do not know about all of you but I am super excited to see Jiro Wang on the big screen, when it comes out in theaters I will have the best seat in the house! 
Good Job Jiro Wang! Best Wishes to You!

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  1. !!!! Really??!!! That is awesome! I'll be dragging my entire family along. :D

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    1. It is a must watch even if his role is small :)

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    1. No it is still shooting, estimated date still unclear.imbd stated 2017

  4. Hey - just FYI! Security is out on DVD. I guess it was one of those direct-to-DVD movies. Anyway, my sister and I ran to Best Buy to buy it just to support Jiro and we watched it last night. We're very disappointed - Jiro is dubbed for one thing. We watched it with subtitles and if we hadn't, we'd never have even known when it was him vs another character talking. And major SPOILER (don't read if you don't want to be spoiled!) - he dies maybe halfway through. :-( I'm still glad we supported him but we hope his next Hollywood role is a really good one!!