Wednesday, January 13, 2016

To all my dearest followers, My deepest apologies "We will always be here"

It has been so long since my last post, and my deepest apologies to everyone out there who has been following us on news about Fahrenheit.

We are here, the semester has started again and I'm back on my feet. Between work and school I'll have a hard time going to be up to date but remember to follow all our social media feeds because we always share fun facts or video links that will keep everyone updated!

Just stay with us, soon enough I'll be back... I intend to get my head into my books and finally bring this blog back to its feet.
I have a lot to work with in the next few weeks to come but I'm thinking since, me and admin xiao lin share a birthday month, we'd love to have you all share it with us!

I have lots of FAHRENHEIT merchandise I'd like to finally get out after moving so many times now, it's time they each found a new home. A new owner too... stay tuned I'll load up everything as soon as I find some down time!

-Loving all of you and feeling thankful towards you all...
Admin XiaoMei

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  1. No worries! I only wish I could sign up for email notices every time you post since I sometimes forget to check! Thankfully Facebook helps me remember occasionally.