Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I will be returning after next week! (Finals are almost done)

Hello Fei Fans!

Sorry, for my absence - Admin XiaoLin did post one update and sorry we haven't been able to tell everyone up to date. [I took a long leave for school]

I will repost even old news, because I feel like regardless if you know it or not (the more the merrier :D right?) -- also I wanted to remind everyone that I really do feel bad for leaving so long but we'll start to have more events.

I have a  Aaron CUT album that is still waiting for a lucky fan :D Also some other goodies like my WU CHUN t-shirt, and other items.

We'll I'll see you all soon Okay!

Please don't leave us, I want to see you all when I am back :DDDD

Love always,


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