Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Calvin Chen runs into old friends during Darren's Wedding

Calvin Chen, appeared at his friend Darren's wedding last month. After Jay's wedding Darren opened up and  said he and everyone else is on a hot spot considering that Jay's wedding was like a Cinderella story and every girl's dream.
During the wedding though, Calvin ran into many good friends some which have not been met for ages. (or a few months or years yeah...haha)
Genie Chou released a photo on her weibo stating: 
"Nan Feng Cai & Gong Mo Li have met again! "
The cute pair are still close friends after so many years :D

And Calvin and Tracy Chou also got a photo together with Tracy's Manager who was hiding behind the two trouble makers haha (for those of you who do not know Tracy, she placed Alice in Aaron's drama "Alice in Wonder City" she was the original cast for Love Buffet's Qiu Ying later portrayed by Chloe Wang.)

Everyone was joined and rejoiced for fellow friend Darren who wed with his girlfriend in a fashionable and classy way. {I do not have photos of the newly weds but they were adorable}


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