Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wu Zun continues promotions for "Ignite Courage" book

It's been a while but he isn't done yet, the newly proclaimed father of two Chun hasn't stopped in his tracks yet. 
After the television come back of the Kadaichi Case Files show resuming a second season Wu Chun returns to his promotions! 
Though he gave a shocker to his fans about his marriage and his children, his book is still selling amazingly and rather many fans though feel lied too have chosen to support him.
That is evident though only because they see how truly happy he is when he is interviewed about his children.  
Chun himself cannot hide his bliss when he is confronted on news about his wife and children, he happily points out chapters in his book speaks of how when he had all his struggles it was his wife who stayed by his side.
Chun happily still greets his fans with a smile and gratitude though now there are many more notions going towards his family as well!
Wishing him the best! 

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