Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aaron Yan Finale Concert Malaysia Success

Insomnia has toured Asia and has finally made its finale stop in Malaysia last night. Aaron Yan, Yu Shan and their crew have been working hard and finally called it to an end for this round, but everyone is assured there will be more performances after another release! 
Aaron Yan's fans packed the auditorium as he lightened the stage with his songs and finally had the display of a little drama again with PopuLady junior YuShan. The two happily pranced about and finished their performances before Aaron carried on the rest of the night.
A little extra special he threw in this time was when H.I.M also sent in Rookie james to assist Aaron in his performance. The duo did amazing and Aaron surprised the crowd with a new song on the list called listen. He told everyone that this song has accompanied him for many years and he wanted to share it.

With his countless interactions with Fans, they didn't hold back and still teases him calling him and "Old Star" ; he happily replied everyone to claim his youth by saying "I am still young!" 

Fans rejoiced to his music and in the finale Aaron expressed his gratitude to everyone who has assisted him to come sl far, from his family friends fans to even the staff members and musicians that accompany him.  

Upon return to the Hotel everyone got together to celebrate their last successful concert and hope for more in the future! 

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