Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aaron Yan in Malaysia Fans Meeting- Promo for "insomnia malaysia"

Malaysia Fans Meeting

Aaron opens up the meeting by performing
"Dang bu zhu de taiyang"from the drama  Just You; which has its final episode this friday.

Aaron though busy with promotions still has been practicing to make every concert special and the next stop will be in Malaysia.
While in Malaysia Aaron also plays games with the fans.

He plays a blindfolded game which the fans have to wear his eye mask he made and then when they are drawing he gives them a topic; two fans draw two foods that come out better and then they PK
the final question was to draw "The Aaron that they see"
Aaron himself expressed: OH! that's how I look?
joking along with fans and everyone was happy and very responsive this time around <3 Pudding's being super cooperative is what they are known for and the host takes the time to point out that the fans onstage also had support from all Puddings.

Aaron also disclosed that since this album has no music that is able to dance to he refrained from it and he jokingly said that the only dance possible was ballet, all fans responses were for his to try it. Aaron finally just laughed and expressed "STOP KIDDING"

He did disclose thought that his next album will include a dance track? what kind of dance track or what style he hasn't said but it is confirming that he is going to dance!
Anticipating his next album and hopefully his leg injury will be okay for this challenge.
Aaron Jia You.


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