Thursday, November 14, 2013

3 Peas In A Pod Premiere today!!! Nov.14!

The long awaited roadtrip is here! 
Everyone ready? Join in with Calvin Chen and his co-stars Jae Liew and U-Kiss's Alexander Lee as the 3 peas take off to Australia and find their paths in life! 
Michelle Chong set a 16yr limit on the movie due to the one bed scene sadly, but even though many fans cannot see the movie; nothing can stop them from following the the 3 on their countless promotions thru Singapore.
Starting from 5am the three were up 3 days straightway for RadioShows ; Signing Events ; and even a Screening to show what to anticipate!

Congrats Calvin on ur first movie!   

Calvin who plays perry also landed across spending his birthday this year as a pea! 

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