Saturday, January 12, 2013

TRAILER RELEASED for Taiwan version of You're Beautiful


This is the quick trailer look into the making of the Taiwanese version of the Korean hit-drama You're Beautiful. I released a character list on an earlier blog post and here I will update it a little bit.

The role of the lady that loves TaeKyung will be played by 王思平Jenna Wang, who was also the actress in Fahrenheit's MV "Superb" 出生入化...She is also the actress in Show Luo's ONLY YOU MV "獨一無二" ( I felt she looked familiar but couldn't recognize her--now I am clear ^^)

The role of Tae Kyung mother, (which we all who have watched You'reBeautiful know how important her role is)  will be portrayed by Tian Li (Lily Tien). She was in Pi Li MIT (Mysterious Incredible Terminator) alongside Aaron Yan as Teacher Angel. So I have no doubt she will do great.

The role of the manager is what really threw me off, they decided to use Chen Wei Ni?! (if u aren't familiar with him he played the role of the guy that liked Andy An in Autumn's Concerto) and personally his character really threw me off! I mean they chose him, when I think of the manager I thought of someone like Na Dou! But don't judge before giving a chance is a good motto to stand by.

The drama itself is pretty much close to the original other than because Jiro as TaeKyung means the funny parts will turn hilarious...(I hope bc he hasn't fail me yet)
and the actress is a newbie...there is one thing I noticed...she tries too hard to look like Park, so the feeling is almost the same but becasue Jiro portrays his role slightly differently they kinda don't smash well but th e lst few endings look welcoming to watch!

I hope the best for this drama...and I hope they come out with an original soudtrack and not use the original songs that the Korean one used ( though they had some legit songs).

Park Shin Hye ---has one in the opening
 and it is to say that the new girlband "DREAM GIRLS" may also have a cameo -_-..??

As for the opening theme:Ibelieve I saw Cai Ming You's name on hopefully the ending is Jiro!!!


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