Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yan Yalun

Have you ever thought about what Fahrenheit have to say about our Aaron?

CHUN: He's daring to do anything and has a big impulse. Sometimes we would think that he is much more brave than any of us are.

JIRO: He would do anything to get what he wants

CALVIN: Aaron is just a little kid but then he wouldn't beat around the bush

So what's your opinion of Aaron?

His gaze can get anyone's attention, very sharp and sensitive as if he's waiting for something mysterious to happen. His personality is very sweet but can be devilish. His secret weapon is his soul keeping everything in his heart. He's not a average person, he's a type of person who would give everyone a surprise destruction in their hearts.

A common remark that Yalun gets from many people:
  • His cuteness and coolness, how his singing improved
Phrases that he uses to describe himself
  • soul and melody(he likes these two words)
How Aaron gets the sharp stare at the camera
  • stares at the center of the camera, past the lens, being able to see through the directors eyes
Which is Aaron's fav. song out of the newest album
  • "Dong Mai" because its different from the songs that he has singed in his past experiences. The more you listen to it the more you like it. (reminds me of yue lai yue ai~ X L~ )
What is his goals in the entertainment cycles?
  • Becoming an professional singer like Eason Chan or Jacky Cheung
Talent he hopes to have the most
  • Hoping to have a lot of inspiration on writing songs
Female that he admires
  • Angelina Jolie. He admires the charisma that she brings out from her movement
Male that he admires
  • Jay Chou for being able to be himself in the entertainment circle and be accepted
Weird habit that he has
  • being able to do double eyelid when photo shooting
One of his favorite movies
  •  Twilight, vampire movies, talking about altruistic true love
Sources: fahrenheitai blogspot
~xiao lin~

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