Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jiro Wang designing accessories for his furture partners

30 year old Jiro Wang showing that he's a good man

Models who helped him

Jiro Wang at the age of 30 fills his wishes of being married. He is still, however showing that he is a good man designing rings and necklaces for his other half in the future. He specially came to Hong Kong attending the Taiwanese " Brand show" attracting over 100 fans having 7 bodyguards around him. He also had 2 beautiful Taiwanese models Chen Jing and Ah Dan to celebrate his 30th birthday having the crowd of fans sing for him. For his birthday, there's already a gift prepared for him. He will be opening his own clothes shop in Shanghai. When questioning him of wanting a girl friend he says,"I hope that I have one soon,"not denying it. He's wanting to get married and have children at the age of 30. Its pitiful that he cannot fulfill these wishes. His mom suggests for him to have children before getting married, but Jiro's idea is wanting to get married first.

Jiro Wang is designing jewelries for his other half already, in the future, would he be designing female underwear? He has never thought of intending to do that. He expresses that he these things takes experts to do this. Jiro Wang feels very awkward in and embarrassed way about this.

~ Xiao Lin~

Sources: Fahrenheitai blogspot

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