Monday, March 14, 2011

Xiao Mei's 5 seconds...

Xiao Mei is at the Library and I dont why but I'm really missing Hao Mei rite now...oh and our RuthYalun mei mei I enjoyed chatting w/ you!!!
ONLY 6 more days till my yalun CD is here I'm so happy!!! I hope that bad typhoon didnt hit Taiwan...I would cry my eyes out I heard it was horrible in Japan wait no i saw it too in class during Biology!
eh! Hao mei if you see this then i have one thing to say....
I'm so jealous of your Boyfriend I want to be him...not that way though hahaha J/K...I love you!
Wishing Fahrenheit the best because Xiao Mei's mood is like a million stars!!! how handsome they are....*blush* wu zun I miss ya... Yalun looks amazing...dadong your pose....calvin...sneaky smile...(iLOVEit)*blush*

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