Thursday, March 10, 2011


XiaoMei Is Shocked By Arron

I dont know if its just me but Oh my goodness I just know when I heard YanYalun no shirt I was shocked and say Yanyalun no clothes and I freaked and Oh My Goodness no oxygen was going to my head! Arron Yan the youngest member of Fahrenheit the shyiest one to ever take off his clothes was the first one to have a bed scene! the first one to Totally Go Naked! Well I just have to say Calvin is right after all, on valentines day of 09 we clarified that he wouldnt take off his shirt till he was 25 so Calvin said when he's 25 he'll be a stripping artist! Looks like we're on the right track, just kidding...I'm actually anticipating his album with high hope now too....Yanyalun is Really just to handsome now... he's really matured a lot...but he still hasn't lost his Cute touch!
Love U Arron 阿  布  !!!

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