Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saving General Yang Goes onto Kang Xi Lai Le

Watch Kang Xi Lai Le

During the promotional tours in Taiwan, the Saving General Yang cast decided that the only Taiwanese entertainment show they would make an appearance on would have to be Kang Xi Lai Le (Kang Xi Is Coming) ... This variety show is personally one of my favorites aside from Yue Le Bai Fen Bai (100% Ent)...but Saving General Yang Cast brought back Wu Zun who hasn't been in Taiwan for some time now.
Xiao S (female host) points this factor out very quickly and instant picks up a topic as to what Wu Zun has been up to lately: (There r no subs in the video so I'll talk about all Wu Zun convo.)

XiaoS: Long Time No See what have u been busy with?
WuZun: Back in WenLai (Brunei) working with the business (Gym/Fitness Zone).
KangYou(male host): how many do you have now?
WuZun: I have 3 now.

So to round it up Wu Zun has been busy ..super busy with filming the Kidachi case files, going around to model for Iphone5/Dior Watches/ and ALT fashion shows. BUSY MAN!

later as the conversations go on with the others, ZaiZai (vic chou) is brought up with his rumors.
Wu Zun is put on the spot again when it occurs to XiaoS she can make another age joke with the man acting as their father. (General Yang)

Wu Zun had expressed once during the media-meeting of the movie "Saving General Yang"
"The hardest scene for me was when I had to carry my dad (g.yang) on my back while riding away on the horse."
Xiao S: Did u mean it in a bad way likes he's too old or??
Wu Zun: No, No ...well yes in a way. I simply meant the difficulty of that scene was intense; there are two of us so the horse has double the weight on it and also you cannot control the person behind you who has their eyes shut and is unconscious basically. He is also of age so I was very worried for him. Plus it was the first day of shooting so we all were not completely comfortable with the horses abilities.
G.Yang: yes, yes that makes perfect sense I had the same worries and pray so much before that scene.

XiaoS curious as to if anyone fell off the horse asked around everyone admitted they had  fallen once or twice and she was shocked that even Wu Zun who has already shot two other Ancient Films with horse riding had fallen off one.
WuZun: Yes, I feel off it was when that first scene with my dad was taken. that was the only time we fell off.
 The show carries on and they chit chat about how the 2nd brother had harder parts, Vic (the 4th brother) horse wouldn't listen to him; and how everything

"The director wanted us actors all to do all the scenes, there were no stunt men included!"
Which for the reality of the movie works, plus with 7 of the highest ranking stars working together the budget must've ran tight.

April will be the premiere of Saving General Yang, and then May is the international showing, I have heard eng. dubbed. versions of this movie so there is a chance of it showing in areas outside of Asia.

The United States and Singapore keep your fingers crossed.

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